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4 Amazing Tips that Will Help You Dress Your Kids

For most parents, getting their little princess to wear their chosen clothes for them is a daily battle. With kids who are most attracted to clothes that are sparkling and princess styles like those on cutie London, wearing clothes that do not meet their standards only means war. Kids most especially girls love to play dress up. Knowing what they want and allowing them to choose their clothes is the best start to enhance their independence. Another reason is to prevent unnecessary headache from trying to convince your little dive to wear the durable and comfortable clothes that you chose for them. A study has shown that children who are starting to become vocal with the kind of clothes that they want to wear are a sign of growing up. Kids as early as 3 years old already show signs of maturity. They are starting to enter the stage where they are trying to assert their independence and test limits. Here are the ways that will help you get your little princess dressed in the morning.

  • Provide with choices – 3 to 4-year-old kids are wannabe dictators. They are grasping for control any time they can, whenever possible. Once in a while, allowing your kid to be the dictator she wants to be is good for her. Giving your kid a choice on which clothes she should wear will prevent the rise of tantrums. By asking her which of the tutus she want to wear and letting her feel that what she is about to say is more likely to stop her from digging her heels.
  • Allow for taste – you have your own preferences when it comes to choosing the right clothes for your kids. Guess what? They have too. Allowing them to choose the clothes that they want to wear only shows that you respect their opinions. Letting them wear what they want as long as it is decent and nice is ok. Proper guidance is important to ensure that you little girl will not dress as the little porn star.
  • Take the time to practice – allow your kids to do their own dressing. It may be tricky to do the buttons, but practice makes it perfect. The basics of getting dressed can be done by kids 3 to 4 years old. Some kids as a matter of fact love to do it their own. Giving her the time she needs to dress up keeps her happy, the less you intrude, the less struggle it would be.
  • Make it race – kids have the time they want and lack the sense of urgency that every parent have. Getting them dressed as quickly as you want it to be can be difficult. Making it a race though is a different way to ensure that your kid will get dressed as fast as she can. Keep in mind that kids love to playing and turning dressing up into a game will ensure you that your kid will get dressed as fast as she can. Plus, it can be exciting for your little angel.