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Bremelanotide Work Mechanism and Side Effects

The drug Bremelanotide was released on the market and in a very short period of time it was in great demand by people who have read about it and understand its potential effects if the drug starts being manufactured for patient usage. This is a drug that can be described in a fully new group of drugs with specific fields of usage. Bremelanotide has a positive effect on treating female sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction in men, which is why there is a large interest in the drug.

Erectile dysfunction in men and female sexual dysfunction are both very common problems that affect people in many different ways including anatomical, psychological, medical, and more. The psychological effects are the main problem of these two condition and the reason that there is no permanent solution for these problems is why people are very interested in finding out about the possibility of Bremelanotide entering the market for sales. These days there is no news that there will be a release of a product with Bremelanotide for sexual dysfunction in women and erectile dysfunction in men, but there are many researches done with the goal of creating a suitable product.

Bremelanotide is a drug that is an analogue of the natural hormone in the human body – melanocyte-stimulating hormone. This is a hormone that increases the melanin in the cells that produce it in the skin and therefore results in tanning of the skin. This is why it was initially tested with the idea of using it in products for sunless tanning. However, during the testing Bremelanotide showed different side effects – erections in men, as well as increased sexual arousal in women who participated in the experiments. It was very easily applied to the test subjects with a subcutaneous injection for a faster result.

Some of the side effects of Bremelanotide seem to include dizziness, dysgeusia or a sense of taste that is altered in different ways, hyperpigmentation of the skin, hypertension, as well as face flushing, somnolence, sweating, and more. The side effect of Bremelanotide which prevents it for being widely used is its increasing effect on the blood pressure. This is very dangerous for people who have risk factors for cardiovascular incidents such as heart attacks and strokes. Most of the people who experience erectile dysfunction are in the age of 40 or more and are in the group of increased risk for heart problems. Therefore, hypertension is very risky side effect causing the pharmaceutical company deny any production of products with this drug until it is found out an alternative of the drug that can be used without increasing the blood pressure in patient. Bremelanotide was also tested on people with diabetes and it seems that is affects them in a positive way without causing any negative effects associated with the diabetes, which is a great advantage compared to the other options that diabetic people have when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction or female sexual dysfunction.