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Cheap Ink Cartridges Hacks: Should You Buy a New One or Get a Refill Instead

When it comes to printers and inks, a lot of people are asking whether it is better to buy new ink cartridges or pay for a refill instead. Technically, purchasing brand new ink cartridges comes with big cost compared with getting a refill that can worth half or less than the price of a brand new ink cartridge. Thus, there is no doubt that a lot of people and are getting hooked up with getting a refill instead of buying new cartuchos de tinta baratos (cheap ink cartridges).

A lot of printer users are being blinded by the big cost that they think they can get from saving big on refills. Sure, with a refilled ink cartridge, you just have to pour your cartridge with a new volume of ink instead of replacing it which can be compared with refilling your glass with water. The only difference is that your glass of water can be washed with soap and water before after every use while your ink cartridge remains the same. In other words, it remains “dirty” inside and unwashed.

Therefore, it can definitely affect the quality of your ink and its printed result. Another thing, your entire printer can be affected too and damaged due to this “cost-effective solution”. Once the printing quality of your printer was negatively affected by your refilled ink cartridge, there is a big chance that it will no longer have the same quality as it was when you bought it. There can be blurry lines, spilled inks, and others that may cause you to reprint your document or fax.

Does this sound a little bit costly now?

Wait, there’s more! All those costs for reprinting are nothing when your entire printer becomes damaged. Aside from the fact that the repair cost of printers is generally high (depending on the level of damage), it would make you think that it’s better to add few dollars and get a new one. You see, you might think that you save money on several refills but in the end, you’ll just end up with a higher damage cost.

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