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Cheap Ways to Dress up your Kid without Sacrificing Style

Fashion must be one of the hardest things to be on top of. I do personally find it difficult to mix and match clothes even if I’m just going out to buy a few stuff. But now that I’m already a mom, I do feel the same when I’m dressing up my kiddo. Surely, every little piece of clothing can quite look cute and presentable when a little cute one wears it but as I see on social media sites, I totally see that pairing the clothes of my kid in the closet does not work anymore. Although I can’t perfectly match what the actual kid on facebook or twitter wears because buying it can actually ruin our budget, there are still some ways that I find more cost-effective.

Shop often

When it comes to shopping, all of us share the same mentality. We won’t be shopping until we have a chunk of money to spend. This is a very common mistake every shopper does. They just spend their money one time and when nothing is left, they won’t have the chance to buy anything till they have enough money again which I’m pretty sure will be for quite a long time. As a result, when the time comes that they finally see a good deal on a retail store or via online shops, they won’t be able to buy it anymore. It is wiser to shop frequently because you get to watch items and wait for the time it would be on sale. In that way, you can actually get good prices without having a pain in your wallet.

Allocate the right budget

Although you cannot pretty well assign a very specific amount of money for buying your kids clothes, you can least allocate a good estimate. As I said a while ago, shopping frequently can give you a more desirable savings. This also gives you the chance to analyze if you are already overspending. It actually depends on how frequent you shop, but I do recommend to shop at least once a month. On the other hand, if you see that your kid doesn’t need to have new clothes at the moment, shopping won’t be necessary.

DIY kid clothes

Expert sewers can take pride in doing any kid clothing. But, there is always a room for beginners like us. Unlike buying already made clothes, personally sewn clothes give us the opportunity to design it. First-time sewers won’t also need to worry because the materials like patrones ropa niños are easy to find through local stores and even via the internet. Simple tutorials videos on how to sew are around the web so there is no reason for every mom to make they’re very own single piece of clothing for their little one.

Buy some sizes ahead

The more you prepared ahead of time, the less hassle it would be. This usually works in everything that we do. A rule that also apply if you are to shop for your kid’s clothing. As moms tend to buy what is just needed in every season, I suggest you get at least a pair of clothes with a bigger size than what’s their current size. Kids typically grow fast and in no time, they won’t be able to wear what’s in their closet anymore. Keep them secure with clothes ahead of their age.