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Digital Trends: Seven Things You Won’t Miss out About the New iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6S has given the people a new level of capabilities to iPhone and explode the new depths of features. That’s why there’s a lot of people that buy iPhone 6S online (comprar iPhone 6s plus online). Apple added up new sort of capacities and improve them for the benefits of the people’s end.

It is the most awaited Generation of all the Apple Fans that has come to reality although these capabilities I’m talking about is not that obvious, so this article will help you explore and learn more about the new scope of the iPhone 6S.

Here is the list of its new features:

  • Photos into reality

I think that this is one of the best features of the new generation of iPhone. It is by default that whenever you take a photo, iPhone 6s will also capture a few seconds of video on either side of the shot. So when you take reviewing the photos you’ve shot in your Photos App, you can give life to them by pressing down hard on the photos. It can be also set as Live photos on your wallpaper just press down on it on the lock screen to make it move. This includes live photo’s audio, so you can choose what to say before you take the shot.

  • Magnificent 3D Touch

This has already been re-branded on iPhone 6s but it will never get old, in fact, this feature has been the most expected ability of iPhone Generations. This touch pressure is composed of three levels which allow the user to perform different actions depending on the amount of pressure that is being applied in a tap.

An example of this is the Peek and Pop, this is the where the center of the 3D touch functionality lies within. By pressing down on a link or on an email, the user will be able to peek of what are its contents, thus by swiping your finger up, you can reveal a variety of options like opening the link, adding to Reading List or copying the website link. Then let go, and you will drop it back to before.

  • Better Smooth Camera

If you buy iPhone 6s online you’ll see on the website the different captures they were taken. The New iPhone 6s has focused on improving the quality of the photo instead of jumping up to a higher megapixel. The new rear camera of iPhone 6s is a 12mp unit that is a big improvement than the models of last year according to Apple. It has now a better optics and has the capability to record up to 4k video as well. Pretty much cool if you’d ask me.

  • Enhanced Performance

The new Model of iPhone has been based on a unique tri-core architecture that is 70% faster than the A8, plus 90% faster GPU. Aside from that it also has 2Gb of Ram, boosting the performance into a higher level.

It’s time for you to experience the new blast or you can buy iPhone 6s online (comprar iphone 6s plus online) to take you into a whole new world of Apple’s Technology.