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Dress Up and Own the Spotlight Even During the Winter Season

Do you feel like dressing up but you are too afraid to freeze during the winter season? Just because the winter season is always glued to these two words “freezing cold!” your dresses will be buried under those thick jackets and socks for a long time until it’s safe to wear again.

Here’s a newsbreak!

You can still wear your fabulous vestidos (dresses) even in the middle of a freezing cold winter! All you have to do is add more creativity and a little effort to layer your clothes that can match perfectly. As a matter of fact, a website called Gurl highly recommends to all women out there that they should wear dresses during the winter season. Vestidos (dresses) in winter can give them the potential look of being stylish and adorable at the same time.

But first things first, you need the basic fashion pieces that will make your dress appropriate during the cold season. Prepare those tights, leggings, cardigans, thick socks (it can be thick and colorful), and of course, scarves. If you want to look fabulous, or even cute, you wouldn’t want to freeze to death just to please yourself so stock your wardrobe with these fashion basics!

If you have no idea how to utilize your vestidos in the cold season, here are the top 7 styles you must see:

  1. Leather jacket and a lacy vestido

Match up your leather jacket and your lacy summer dresses together with a pair of black tights. Complete it with a pair of black booties and designer shades (any pair of sunglasses will do).

  1. High boots and a long-sleeved dress

High boots may seem cliché but it will look better with a stylish scarf on warmer days.

  1. Hat, cardigan, dress and more layers!

A layered outfit can still look really chic with the right combination. Put on your chic hat, a soft cardigan, denim jacket, and a coat over your dress. Then, put on those fancy high socks and a pair of high booties. Perfect!

  1. Chambray shirt and a dress

Beat the cold but wearing your dress over a chambray shirt and a pair of tights. Finish your look with a comfy puffy vest, neon colored socks, and ankle boots.

  1. Lace-up boots and a dress

Rock your OOTD (outfit of the day) with your favorite fiery dress over a pair of printed tights and a pair of laced-up boots.

  1. Cardigan, tights and killer combat boots

Get those combat boots on the street, a long cardigan, and a chunky knit pretty scarf over your dress. Don’t forget those tight tights! For some added warmth on your freezing feet down there, wear some adorable knit socks.

  1. Thigh high boots and a dress

Combine your denim vestidos, sexy tights, and a pair of black thigh-high boots. It’s almost like you’re wearing pants since only a little portion of your tights will be visible.

Can you tell which style matches your taste? Feel free to match your vestidos with your entire wardrobe. Get those dresses out of your wardrobe and start matching! If you want an online shop that offers very chic and affordable vestidos, check out RomantikaVintage.es.