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Essential Facts about LED Lights You Must Know

Do you know that there are different types of light bulbs? There are the CFL or compact fluorescent lamp and LED or light emitting diode, the incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and halogen bulbs. These light bulbs contain two main properties called lumens and watts. Lumens refer to the amount of light a light bulb can emit. Therefore, more lumens are equal to a brighter light and few lumens are equal to a dimmer light. A standard 100-watt light bulb you will see in tienda de lámparas online can produce about 1600 lumens. On the other hand, the term watts refer to the amount of energy a light bulb can use. So, the lower the watts, the lower the electric bill you can get.  LEDs and CFLs are the types of light bulbs that have lower numbers of watts but produce the same amount of light.

If you are going to buy a light bulb from a tienda de lámparas online, you can choose the color of light bulb that will suit the room or its location. The light color is measured through the scale of Kelvin. Lower Kelvins means more yellow light, while higher Kelvin means whiter or bluer light. Warm white lights are best for living rooms, and bedrooms; cool white or bright white are best for workspaces bathrooms, and kitchens; finally, daylights are perfect for reading places. All light bulbs come in varied shapes, bases, and sizes. However, incandescent light bulbs are now phasing out and most people now are replacing it with LED lights.


Essential Facts about LED Lights:

  • LED light uses solid materials unlike other lamps such as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent. This solid material makes the LED lights less prone to failures due to vibrations or shocks.
  • LED lights are very energy efficient. It uses up to 85% less energy compared to halogen lightings which made it practical to use.
  • LED lights have the longest life span up to 25,000 hours and 20 years.
  • LED lights do not contain mercury which is eco-friendly.
  • LED lights are less expensive now since the demand and manufacture have increased.
  • LED light bulbs have the lowest rating of wattage but produce same amount of brightness like other bulbs.
  • All LED lights emit less infrared light and do not release UV.
  • LED lights are suitable for a cold or hot temperature. You don’t have to change your light bulbs every now and then when it the summer or winter comes. It is perfect as an outdoor light.
  • LED lights are available for outdoors as long as there is a mark that indicates it as suitable for outdoors. Not all LED lights for indoors can last long outdoors because of some specific materials they differ from outdoor lights.
  • LED lights instantly brighten up as soon as the switch is on compared to other light bulbs that take second to lighten up.
  • LED lights can work with a low voltage which made it more demanding in tienda de lámparas online for outdoors.