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How to Optimize Your Website’s Email Verifier

If you own a website which you plan to use for earning an income for yourself then you certainly are trying to make the people who visit it happy and satisfied with everything they find on the website. No matter if you are offering services or products for purchase, people on the website need to make a registration in order to use the things that your website offers. Most of the websites that are offering products for purchase do not obligate customers to make a registration but obligate them to fill in the form with information as the purchasing process is conducted. This can be quite annoying if they plan to be ordering several things and be returning customers, which is why for this type of customers having a sign up option is the better thing to offer. A full registration can only be performed if the visitor fills in the form and then click a link within a confirmation email sent to his or her email address. This is the online method of verifying that the person making the registration is actually a real one and not some kind of scamming program. This is performed with the help of the so called email verifier. Optimizing your email verifier is highly recommended in order to reduce the number of clients that are lost during the registration process.

It is possible to lose people during the registration process is the email verifier is not performing its function in the right way. For example, if a unique visitor on the front page decides to sign up on your website and fills in all of the information in the fields, then he or she is required to check the email address stated in the form and click the link in order to verify the identity. If the email verifier is not a good one then it is possible that during some of the registrations some of the people to not receive an email and therefore there will be no link to click, resulting in losing these customers. The percentage showing the effectiveness of the email verifier is determined by comparing the number of people who are visiting the website and the number of people that are actually completing the full registration. If the percentage is significant then you certainly need to optimize the email verifier. The best way to do so is to make a good call-to-action at the finishing line of the registration. For example, placing a text of checking their email address without anything around it in large font is certainly something that will prove to be effective in showing people they need to check their email and click the link. It is also possible that the problem is in the programming of the email verifier and if this is the case then you will need to consult with a specialist who will be able to check the code and see what needs to be changed in order to work properly.