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Importance of Holy Communion in Catholic Religion

With so many religions that are popping up everywhere, it all point out to one thing and that is to praise the Lord our God for all the Blessing that He has given us. No matter what religion you are in and what you believe, we are calling for the same God that created us and having faith to what is can do and what He will do is our only source of energy and strength. Roman Catholics is a religion that is devoted in praising and following God’s rule, they follow diligently to the Ten Commandments and have seven holy sacraments.

Out of all the sacraments, the Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion is considered to be the core and the most important in Catholicism. The Holy Communion is being offered in every Mass, as the matter of fact almost half of the Mass is spent in the preparation of the hosts this are wafers that are gluten-free and are made of wheat and water and the wine to become as the body and blood of Christ, this are to be received by the congregation as the Body of the Christ.

The Holy Eucharist is referred as the body and blood that is present in the consecrated host on the altar, Catholics believes that in acceptance of the consecrated bread and wine you are accepting the essence of the Lord. For the Catholics, the Holy Eucharist is not just a symbol but real in the presence of the Christ. That is why, children seven years of age are being prepared to accept their First Holy Communion in which they are taught that they are about to receive the body of the Christ and become a part of you. As many parents celebrate this new stage and the acceptance of their child to the Holy Sacrament, they prepare regalitos de communion for their child as a gift and show of gratitude and happiness to finally be able to receive the Holy Communion and feed their soul with the body and blood of the Christ.

Holy Communion unites every Catholic in believing the same doctrine, in obeying the same law and following the same leader that are to be elected in Rome. Catholics who are in the strict belief of the law are the only ones who can receive the Holy Communion, it is only those that are united in their beliefs are allowed to receive it. Being considered as the food for the soul it is only given and eaten during the Mass, as it is considered as sacred and important, utmost respect for the Holy Communion is expected to be observed. Thus, every Mass is considered to be sacred by Catholics.

Seeing your kid dressed up and ready to receive his/her first Holy Communion brings joy and happiness to your heart. As the start of the ceremony until it ends, that sanctity that he/she now needs to follow dutifully and to strengthen up their belief is sealed by the occasion. They may still be too young but for them to believe that it is not ordinary bread they are taking is enough for the Holy communion.