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Latest Retail Store Design that will surely Hit this 2015

The changing needs and expectations of consumers today had been adversely affected by the rapid innovation in technology. Mobile domination has brought the public to be more observant and keen in determining the choice of a certain brand or product. Even though others would normally go with companies that have been in the industry for quite a long time, there would still be some who would want to try a newer brand. The challenge of persuading these customers will definitely be a problem that needs to be solved by a retailer.

The trend now has been a lot different from the previous years. Consumers would normally browse through their mobile phones, laptops or tablets and search for a particular product online. Due to the less effort exerted on using the internet, more and more customers rather choose this methodology than to personally go in the store. Although the online world should also be established, starting with the main store’s physical appearance will eventually lead to having an ideal presence over the web. So, to help you get a new and fresh touch, here are the top design trends for this year.

Go Green

Whenever one sees a touch of color green, we always look at it as something clean and vibrant to the eyes. For a general usage in design, it typically reflects an energy usage and waste reduction. Recycling is one way of reducing wastes in the environment. Retail stores can opt in fixtures that are recycled rather than spending a fortune on high-end furniture. Allocating a living wall with plants is a spot wherein customers would see the love of the retail owner to be eco-friendly. This would work with retail stores at a mall because it would catch the attention of potential customers to go inside the store.

Eclectic Look

Most of the time, an individual’s opinion differs from another. There would always be an argument to which is better and more aesthetic in the eyes. A white and black design would be ideal for some but for others it looks boring. A good solution to get out of the box is venturing on an eclectic design. Although this style is difficult to create, if you have the right combination of hues and fixtures, you will definitely have the look you wanted. Retail owners can also show a bit of their personality upon designing the store. Mix and match of the old and new or adding a sense of luxury yet with a touch of humbleness in a corner could excite customers to see what will they see on the inside.

Chalkboard Facade

Restaurants have first used this theme in engaging their customers to try their food. They would normally write the menu in the blackboard using a chalk. It creates an aura of uniqueness and convenience in the part of the customer. Sometimes, the look makes us reminisce the days when we are still schooling and the unforgettable experience we had.

It’s pretty awesome how retail stores can divert our way of thinking. They lead us to a magical moment when we are at the store and the feeling just stops when we are to go out of it. But still, the aesthetics of the main store or retail design will not just be the main basis why we choose it. The overall experience of their service will still go over on the top of just the physical looks.