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Mini Melissa Shoes for Dressing Up Babies and Toddlers

Melissa shoes are an iconic brand that had been founded in 1971 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since its inception and establishment, the company has grown and had become one of the largest footwear manufacturers in the world. Melissa is able to produce 176 million pairs of shoes and launch 400 new products each year.

The brand name of Melissa became the top performer in its parent company, Grendene. The brand offers a wide selection of jelly shoes, jewelry, bags, and fragrances. Melissa brand stands for comfort, individuality, great style and eco-friendliness. The jelly shoes which are its hallmark is made of 100% recyclable plastic.

Melissa shoes provide sexy stilettos and fabulous flats, re-inventing the popular jelly by bringing in style and comfort to the users. The brand has a panel of world-renowned designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Judy Blame, Jean Paul Gaultier and much more as well as inviting guest designers to add to their collection each year. Melissa designers had held true to their philosophy that shoes are more than just footwear but also pieces of architectural art, allowing them to consistently push the boundaries of urban designs and architecture.

Mini Melissa shoes are the latest shoe line from Grendene, a company that was a manufacturing pioneer in the design and development of high-end footwear for over 30 years. Mini Melissa is considered the little sister brand of Melissa to cater babies, toddlers, and little misses. This Brazilian brand had been internationally known for using a plastic material that can be recycled and hypoallergenic to ensure that the environment is protected.

Mini Melissa shoes are incredibly special and fun and smell like candy. Tita Pon is an online store that offers Mini Melissa shoes that are currently available at competitive prices. Tita Pon also offers a wide range of baby and child fashionable clothing, accessories, church clothes, décor, toys and much more. Choose from the different popular brands available.

One can be assured that the Melissa brand of footwear, be it for the adult female or baby girls, toddlers or teens had been developed with a need to continuously protect the natural resources in order to protect the future generations. Melissa products had been produced using mono-materials that can easily disassemble and recycled in order to ensure that factory production processes will result in minimal environment damage.

The company makes sure that all residues whether solid, gas or liquid are dealt with and properly treated before leaving their factories. The company firmly adheres to zero waste management policy, ensuring the jelly shoes are 100 % recyclable and any overstock styles are recycled as well for the following season’s collections.

Melissa had always been on the frontier of footwear technology and had always had about a 120-man team to do the development and research dedicated to discovering new areas for footwear. They were able to develop a new formula known as Melflex that provided improved elasticity, resistance, and permeability making Melissa shoes to have the ability to mold into the shape of the user’s feet. Since its resistant and water-proof, the shoes prove to be durable and long-lasting.

These are the qualities of all Mini Melissa shoes ensuring that besides looking so good, it smell so sweet and delicious the kids will love wearing them. These shoes look so playful and irresistible that they will look perfect either for dressing up or dressing down the babies and kids. All of these colorful and comfortable collections from Tita Pons will keep the toddlers in style. Anyone who’s interested in availing of Mini Melissa shoes, or other brands of children products, visit their physical store in Zaragoza in Spain or send an email to info@titapon.es or call phone number 976978648.