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Photo bombing Types and Steps for Dummies

Photos are said to be a keeper of memories, but how would you feel if someone accidently or intentionally spoil the souvenir of the memory you would want to keep? This act is called Photobombing, but what is a photobomb? This is an act of accidental or purposely placing oneself into the view of the photograph. We may not be aware, but photo bombing has always been present even at the history of photography. It has just been viral these days due to the use of social media and handheld devices that are mostly used today.

Individuals who are practicing photo bombing are called photo bombers and they even come in different types which are identified through the help of bar photos.


These photo bombers are fond of flushing out there nipples on every photograph that are mostly profile perfect.


These individuals do not care about the people being photographed, all they care about is being at the photo, they mostly wear alcohol stained clothes while holding an alcohol in their hand.


These guys are pulling off their silliest facial expressions, they might do it just for the sake of fun, but they are the ones who usually ruined a nice photo.


From the word itself, these individuals are not doing anything on the photo they are just standing at the back like ghosts which are often creepy because they mostly have blank expressions on their faces.


This is said to be one of the funniest types of photo bomb because individuals who accidentally become part of the photo are not aware of their shots that left them looking really funny.

It may seem rude, but photo bombing has been really popular in social media posts. It may seem easy but ruining someone’s perfect photo is harder than it seems and some are still struggling to have their photo bomb victim. For those who want to be photo bomber do not stress yourselves, you can be one of the types of photo bomber, just follow these steps.

  1. The first thing they should do is find a great opportunity for a photo bomb. They can do this by seeking for people who are posing for a picture and if they think that their presences will ruin the photo.
  2. Be in a perfect position where they can easily sneak in the photo. To figure this out, they could estimate the photographer’s field of vision to ensure that they can perfectly make it in the photo.
  3. Be sensitive at the exact moment for a photo bomb. They could wait until the photographer counts 1-3 or until the subjects of the photo say cheese. They should appear at the exact timing because if they appear immediately there is a great chance that the photographer will ask them to leave.
  4. Quickly move into the photo before the shutters even click. They can make any expression they like or they can stand to look very creepy.
  5. After that, leave the premises very quickly to avoid the anger and revenge of the photo subjects when they found out that their perfect photo is ruined.

Now that we have answered the question what is a photobomb? It is time for us to try the steps and look for our next photo bomb victim. But please be sensitive in making these photo bombs people may get upset that could start misunderstandings and even fights.