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Taking Care of Your Baby’s New Pierced Ears

Are excited to get your first piercing? Well, getting your ears decorated with earrings might be one of the simplest ways to express yourself but it’s actually exciting. As a matter of fact, a lot of people even spend a huge amount of money just to get their ears pierced with the coolest or most elegant earrings they can find.

However, it is also important that you know how to take care of your new pierced ears before getting it done. This way, you would be able to avoid all types of infections and keep your ears damage-free and your health in check. Take note, infection due to low-quality earrings and negligence can lead to infections that may cause fever.

Thus, here are some things to take note before you comprar pendientes online (buy earrings online) and put a hole in your earlobe:

  1. Wear 14K gold or surgical grade stainless steel earrings

If you have a sensitive skin, your skin can have an allergic reaction to some types of metal piercings. Even the earrings that are made from nickel, white gold, and copper may cause an allergic reaction to people with sensitive skin when worn.

If you will have your first piercing at a reliable shop like InThePendientes.com, there is a big chance that you will be advised to get a set of stainless steel or gold earrings. But once you decide to replace them with a new pair, make sure that you get high-quality metal earrings to avoid irritating your skin.

  1. Use post earrings for the first few months upon getting your first piercings

While you might want to try out as many styles as possible that will suit your fashion sense and mood, patience is a must. While you are waiting for your piercing to heal completely, wearing post style earrings is a great idea. This refers to the type of earrings with short metal needles and butterfly backs to keep them on.

Wait for 6 months before you wear earrings with other decorative details and styles.

  1. Avoid spinning your earrings

Though some are quite confused whether spinning your earring is beneficial or harmful, most doctors prefer the latter. Spinning may be done before to avoid the piercing from getting stuck once healed. When in fact, it can graft your skin and cause irritation that may lead to infections. Hence, avoid spinning your earrings too much.

  1. Don’t remove your earrings for the first six weeks

While you might be tempted to get a glimpse of your newly pierced earlobe, wait for at least 6 weeks before removing your earrings. Removing your earrings will expose your piercing to infections and make the healing faster. This also means that you won’t be able to re-insert your earrings once it healed completely.

  1. Clean it regularly

For the first few weeks, clean your new piercings regularly to prevent infections and stimulate the healing process.

When cleaning your piercings, use a saline solution to clean your ears and use soap on your earrings during the healing period. Once your piercing healed completely, you can stop using the saline solution and use soap only when signs of infection occur. Lastly, comprar pendientes online (buy earrings online) at trusted shops like InThePendientes.com to ensure your safety.