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Tips on How to Stop Puppy Barking for New Owners

You have decided that you want to have a puppy in your home. That is great but be prepared for what is next. Puppies are very well-known for how loud they can be. This means that they can be barking not only during the day for no reason but also during the night. There is almost no stopping once the puppy starts barking. No matter how sweet it may sound, it gets bothering after a while. This is why new puppy owners who have no experience previously are highly recommended to read the tips required to know in order to find out how to stop puppy barking.

When the puppy is barking and it interferes with your normal daily activities, as well as your normal sleep at night, there are only a few things you can do. First of all, when you see that the puppy is barking you should not go to it and comfort it with the idea to make it stop barking. This only encourages it to keep on barking whenever it wants because by doing so it receives your attention and your comfort, as well as your approval because each stroke on his head or back means exactly this. The first step is to give your best to ignore the barking of your puppy. Even if it is very difficult to not react to the barking of your puppy it is highly recommended that you do so because if you shout at him to stop nothing good will come out of it. Your puppy will only get more scared and keep on barking, as well as not want to come to you afterwards. You can also make the problem even worse by shouting and get your puppy to be even more anxious.

When you are going out somewhere it is recommended that you do not spend the minutes before you go together with your puppy. Maybe you love playing with it and stroking it before you go out but this will only give it a reason to start barking after you are gone. It is also recommended that you are not gone for too long when you have a puppy in your home because it will get anxious and start barking, which can keep on even after you have come back or bother the rest of the people who are living in the home. This is very important to keep in mind when you are learning how to stop puppy barking.

Many people recommend to use a water gun or something similar as a training aid in making your puppy understand that it should not bark. It seems that this is very effective for the majority of cases and this is why it is one of the highly recommended things to try when you are searching for ways on how to stop puppy barking. Following these steps ensures that you will solve the problem with your puppy constant barking.http://www.onlinedoggytrainer.com/