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Tips on Making Venetian Masks on Your Own

Venetian masks are some of the most commonly used masks around the world by people who attend different occasions. It is extremely convenient that venetian masks can be used on different occasions and almost all of the costume shops sell them. If you have to buy a venetian mask for yourself or somebody else then you will have no problem at all finding one at the many costume shops in your local area or on the many online costume shops. There are many beautiful venetian masks offered for sale at these shops but perhaps it is more unique to make your own venetian masks and wear something that is not bought and that cannot be bought anywhere. Created by your own hands you can wear with pride all of the venetian masks that your mind can create as ideas and your hands as reality.

There are some simple steps that you have to follow when you are creating venetian masks on your own. There are not many points where you can make a mistake and make it impossible to finish the venetian mask that you started. However, you need to still be careful about what you do because you want to make the mask in the same way as you imagined it and make yourself proud, as well as the person who you are making it for very happy. Looking unique is the desire of each attendant at such parties where venetian masks are required.

The materials that you need in order to create venetian masks on your own are a balloon, a craft knife, paste for paper, a bowl with a large size, craft paper jelly, gold leaf, silver leaf, straws, as well as other items for decorations such as crystals, glitter, feathers and more. These items are all that you need and you are one step closer to the final point of having your venetian mask ready for the event.

It is important that you work on a surface that is completely clean and everything else that you do not need is put away. This is important so that it is easy to navigate through the different items that you need and not have to look through many other items that you do not need at all for your venetian mask creation process. You can easily damage the surface where you work if you do not have an old newspaper or a cloth under the items you will use for the creation of the venetian masks. Therefore, it is highly recommended to protect the surface if it is somewhere inside your home or in your garden. It is also recommended that you have an idea in your mind of how the venetian mask should look like before you start creating it because this will save you time and make the process faster.

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