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Ways on How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Table

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house as it is where friends and family congregates; this is where the most traffic is happening and where most of the cheerful bonding is made. That is why it is vital to select the right mesas de cocina extensibles that not just suits to your kitchen design but will also be comfortable for your family and friends to use. Working out the perfect style and shape of the kitchen table you think best suits to your lifestyle are easier than you are thinking. By jotting down the room plan, some furniture templates and basic positioning tips will help you in choosing the perfect pieces for your kitchen.

The feel of your kitchen room has less to do with your decorating skill; it has more to do on how well plan will suit the function and proportion of the space when the tables and chairs are finally arranged. It is important to choose the right table, as the kitchen is the place where kids can do their homework, enjoy their meal and play games together. It is the central point of family bonding together.

  • Plan well – in designing the perfect room plan, it is best to start off in measuring your area and the architectural features in the room like windows and doorways. By using a scale ruler, you can transfer the measurements to scale on grid paper. Then add the furniture templates cut out that best corresponds to your chosen furniture items, and arrange the templates according to your style but taking into account the traffic flow. The furniture combination should allow an easy movement all over the room; the furniture should be evenly distributed around the room to allow a flowing traffic.
  • Know the tricks of the trade –the best thing to have when you are decorating is a tape measure, getting the precise measurement of the room before purchasing the furniture for your kitchen is important, as you will need to allot at least 60cm of free space behind every chair as it is needed to be pulled before sitting down. Make sure to buy a table that is not wobbly, to test its stability jiggle it a few times, look under it and make sure that all table legs are sturdy and firmly secured.
  • Check the table surfaces – a table that has a user-friendly finish is better, as it requires less protection and maintenance. Surfaces like glass, marble and stone are durable, but it appears cold and unwelcoming, wood are able to take all sorts of wear and tear and is ideal for kitchen tables. However, a highly polished style requires protection from heat or scratch by using mats and tablecloths. Another option is laminated; it is inexpensive and hard-wearing. Make sure that a timber table is completely sealed even at the base; unsealed section can easily sneak up of moisture and could end up in bowing and cracking of your table chair.
  • Pick a shape – for a high traffic room, a round table is a more practical choice and a single legged style in a table allows enough room for a number of chairs. Smaller and compact tables are best for easy tucking in a corner and a family-sized version of table needed a larger room and space as it takes up the majority of the room’s space. In choosing the perfect shape of the kitchen table, it is best to consider the space of the room.

Always remember that the most important factor when choosing the right kitchen table is its ability to cater all the needs of the family. All family members should be comfortable in using the table and have enough space for everyone to move comfortably and easily.