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What should Moms Remember in Selecting the Right Shoes for their Toddler

Shopping for your little one’s apparel might be the most exciting and fun part of being a mom. You have that sole privilege of choosing the cutest style and what’s in for the year. But, moms do not take the style as something to be the top reason for buying a particular item for their little one. Instead, they look for something that gives way to the comfort, functionality and ease of use of their child while wearing it.

A shoe is an apparel that toddlers use almost every day. As they start walking, the need for a comfy footwear is highly recommended for them not to step on objects that might hurt their feet and attain balance while practicing. To be assured that your child won’t experience any accident while doing any activity, here are some reminders before purchasing the shoes for your toddler.

Find the perfect fit.

It’s a big no if you kept on pursuing a specific pair of shoes when, in fact, does not even fit your child’s feet. Your toddler may feel uncomfortable if he/she will be wearing a shoe that seems small or even larger than the size of your toddler’s feet. To determine the right fit and size, insert your pinkie inside the heel of the shoe and also to the ankle’s point. If ever you went shopping together with child, its better to fit it to his/her fit right away and feel the tip of the shoe. You must make it sure that there is about an inch of space between the tip of your child’s toe and the shoe’s tip. Space will be a room for the socks that will make the footwear more comfortable.

Don’t search for any special support.

While moms always look for extra support from the shoe that they will buy for their child, it’s not a major point to look at. It’s primary because a toddler’s foot is normally flat because the arches are further to be developed. Some opt for shoes with a high top because they think that it would even protect the ankle. It’s a wrong belief because it increases the risk of ankle injuries on your child so better avoid high top shoes.

Steer clear of high-fashion shoes.

Well, it might look adorable for your little one’s feet but it doesn’t mean it is even more functional and safe. Remember that your child is still learning the art of walking so it is better to keep away from pointy boots and wooden shoes or clogs.

Never venture on used shoes.

There is no doubt that buying a new pair of shoes can be sometimes pricey because upon purchasing a new one, with just a couple of months, you will surely another pair. As the growth of your child is quicker during infancy, their feet size also changes. Even if you are in a tight budget, it is not ideal to buy a used shoe for your child. No feet are alike so it is better if you purchase a new one.

As the kids shoe’s differ by brand, style and price, a careful mom should take note all of the simple reminders cited above. The online store for munich shoes kids gives you a wide selection of quality yet comfy shoes for your little one.