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What to Do When You or Your Child Has a Severe Toothache

Many people have found themselves in the position where they are wondering what to do and what is the right thing to do in order to make something better. If you have found yourself in a position where you are with a severe toothache or your child is with a severe toothache, then you have to be prepared for what to do in order to make the situation as much bearable as possible. First of all, you have to consider what time of the day and week it is. For example, if it is late at night, which most of the times is, then you probably cannot contact your family dentist and get him solve the dental problem for you. If it is the weekend or a certain holiday during the year, then you are in the same position and cannot get it fixed within days even sometimes.

If you cannot immediately visit your dentist, then many people recommend that you spend the time until you can visit your dentist using some pain medication. If you are a grown-up then you can use a variety of pills against toothache and they can be effective, but not every time. Their effect also wears off as time passes and within an hour, two or sometimes more, you will start feeling the toothache again. It is not recommended to drink many of these pills in a such short period of time, which is why if the toothache continues, then you are recommended to search for an emergency dentist who can take proper care of your toothache or the toothache of your child. There are many different emergency dentists that can be contacted but not many of them are as professional as needed in order to provide the final results required by the patients. Many patients prefer to visit an emergency dentist for their toothache and get a solution which is only temporary until they can visit their regular dentist who will take good care of them and solve the dental problem. However, sometimes this is the worst mistake that people make, because the emergency dentist may say it is urgent to take the tooth out due to the toothache, resulting in the loss of the tooth for this patient, who afterwards finds out that this was fully unnecessary when consulting with the regular dentist. Another mistake is that if the child was using the services of the emergency dentist for a toothache, then the unprofessionalism of this person can make your child fear dentists for the rest of his or her life.

Therefore, make sure that you have chosen a professional emergency dentist who can take proper care of you or your child when there is a toothache during holidays or the weekend, as well as non-working hours for regular dentists. Otherwise, it is recommended that you take pain medication and wait for the regular dentist to be available and see you for treatment.