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What You Need to Know About the Research Drug PT141

There have been many people asking about the PT141 and there is a good reason for why they were so interested in finding out what is happening with this particular drug. The PT141 is a drug which is developed by the company Palatin Technologies and it has some effects that can be very useful for the majority of people in the world, both men and women. The PT141 is a peptide drug which is developed as an analogue of the melanotan which is a precursor of the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. Because of its origin, this drug is well known for its positive effects on the lipid metabolism in the organism, as well as the apettite and the sexual function of both men and women.

Initially, the PT141 was used for the simple purpose of inducing tanning, because the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone is a hormone which stimulates the production of melanin, which is the pigment that gives the tan of our skin. This is why people who want to make themselves be more tanned can simply reach this effect with various products and the idea was to add PT141 as one of these products. However, during the research of this drug nine out of each ten people experienced spontaneous erections, as well as sexual arousal, which is why the drug was furthermore researched in order to be able to use it as a treatment drug for erectile dysfunction of both men and women.

The way how PT141 works for increasing the sexual desire in people is not similar to the Viagra or Sildenafil. Viagra affects the blood vessels in the penis, making them dilate and collect a higher amount of blood, which results in an erection. The PT141 affects the brain of the people, making them sexual aroused and desiring to be sexually active. This is why it seemed to be considered the best possible option for treating erectile dysfunction for both men and women. However, during its research the company stated that it will not be produced and sold as a drug for treating erectile dysfunction because one of its negative side effects is a large increase in blood pressure, which can be fatal for the majority of people with erectile dysfunction. However, shortly afterwards the company stated that they will be conducting researches to see if it can be properly used for its other effects – hemorrhagic shock and reperfusion injury. There will be researches also on how to make the PT141 affect erectile dysfunction without affecting the blood pressure of the people in order to be able to produce it for mass usage and make the lives of so many people more enjoyable and useable.

Nowadays, PT141 is sold only as a research drug and it is not allowed for consumers to take it and try to make their conditions better with this drug. However, there are constant researches on it that are very promising for bringing the best possible results in the end.http://researchpeptides.com/forums/38-Bremelanotide-PT-141